What is a riad?

The R'Taj door

This is a traditional door with ‘keyhole’ entrances:

Their permutations (open, half open, a quarter open etc) help to regulate the temperature of the room beyond.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Riad

Once upon a time there was a house to fall in love with. It was named a 'riad' or 'ryad' and it is still there. Welcome to a Moroccan specialty unlike any other.

What is a "riad"?

A riad or ryad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden.

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What makes a good riad?

If it has fully safeguarded the traditional architecture and intrinsic qualities of its way of life.

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Where can you find riads?

Because of the climate you only find riads in the major cities and towns of inland Morocco.

This always in the Medina or old town.

Riads in Marrakech

There are not less than an estimated 10.000 riad houses in Marrakech, of whom some 800 are managed as guesthouses.

Map of Marrakech Medina

The clever house

We make use of the qualities of the riad house, and practise eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.

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Riad life

Being all about the senses, riad life is a good life. A page about light, well-being and Moroccan cuisine.

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Sidi bel Abbes

A truly authentic corner of Marrakech medina, can still be found in Sidi bel Abbes, the neighbourhood in the north of the medina.

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The privacy

It is planning for privacy that shaped the riad and Marrakech medina.

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The example: Riad Porte Royale in Marrakech

This tour of what a riad is or should be, is based on Riad Porte Royale. It has become a true classic, very popular with architects, designers and authenticity seekers.

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